November 17, 2018

“Pictures from a Revolution”

Saturday, November 17th

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Released: 1991

Runtime: 93 min

Rated: Not Rated

In this lively, intellectually stimulating discourse on the power of images, renowned photojournalist Susan Meiselas returns to the scenes of a revolution she witnessed and captured with her camera. Richly suffused with context and color, Pictures from a Revolution catches up with the places and people behind Meiselas iconic photographs of war-torn Nicaragua in the late 70s and 80s. Delving into the lives of guerrillas, Sandinistas, and bystanders, scattered from Miami to Managua, a decade after they faced off in a bloody struggle, this artful film finds both disappointment and modest pride amidst still-fresh, stirring memories. Once photographed wielding contact bombs and marching in the streets, these incredible Nicaraguans now live much as they did before the revolutionary days. The stories behind the acclaimed photos will ignite a new understanding of social struggle while inviting reflection on the war photographer’s complex relationship with her subjects.

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Images: © 2018 Susan Meiselas