December 7, 2017

“Snake Medicine: Sacred Earth Sites” with Scott Angus and Emily Sopensky

Thursday, December 7th with authors, Scott Angus and Emily Sopensky

6:30pm Reception     

7pm Lecture

Snake Medicine is a moving and insightful tour of the sacred sites of the American Landscape, and a visual diary of the author’s journey across America.

With the explorer and novice photographer in mind, Scott Angus – a university educator in photography, art theory, and the visual arts – shares why and how he was drawn to each site, speculations on what forces power the site, and what was captured in the photograph. Emily Sopensky’s interviews with Scott Angus are augmented with historical contexts and geographical details of the sites captured in the photos.


No charge for this lecture.

Enroll by phone 314-535-1999 or email