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December 30, 2016

“Iphone Photography” with Ed Crim

Tuesday, March 21st with Ed Crim


 Because it’s there.

That’s what Sir Edmund Hillary told the press was his reason for climbing Mt. Everest, and what a great reason it is for using your iPhone to take photos and video! It’s there with you all the time (assuming you haven’t let the battery go dead), and the quality is better than ever, even approaching that of some dedicated cameras!
In 2013, National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson forsook his Nikon DSLR in favor of an iPhone 5s for a hiking trip in Scotland.  He called it “a very capable camera.” That same year, Burbury used the iPhone camera to document one of their runway fashion shows. In fact, of the top 20 cameras capturing some of the estimated 1 trillion photos taken every year, the various iPhones in use account for 24.1% (gosh, that’s a lot of photos), beating both Nikon and Canon by significant margins.
So, we are going to help you get the most out of your iPhone; tips, techniques, even great apps that allow you to totally (and we do mean totally) control your iPhone’s camera! Please join us for a great presentation and discussion of the camera that’s always there

The lecture is Free IPHF Members/$5 Non-Members

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