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STL World’s Fair Glass Plate Photos with Margie and Karl Kindt

Saturday, May 20th with Margie and Karl Kindt


The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, commonly known as the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, is mostly lost to us but thankfully we find this vanished experience preserved through turn-of-the-century photography—a time when mechanically-captured images enjoyed newly-gained credibility as objective evidence, replicating exact details that accurately documented people, places, and events.

William H. Rau, managing director of the company authorized as official photographers for the Exposition, employed and supervised at least one hundred cameramen as they recorded the historic Fair—day-to-day people and events, as well as interior images of the palaces, restaurants, and other structures.

During this era, thousands of Fair photographs were printed from the Rau’s glass plate negatives, but thousands more were unprocessed and lay dormant in little wooden boxes, unnoticed, undeveloped, and unprinted for more than a hundred years—until now.

More than a century after the closing of the Fair, we experience the event through Rau’s previously undeveloped images, view many aspects of the Fair alongside Louie, and through modern technology notice detail even more closely than someone who actually walked the grounds and toured the palaces—we see minutiae that the photographers themselves could not have distinguished.

The Kindts will be presenting a slideshow of 1904 World’s Fair glass negative digitized images on February 21st to the 1904 World’s Fair Society. This program includes zooming in upon the amazing detail that these 8×10 glass plate negatives provide once digitized.

Presented by Margie and Karl Kindt, Educators and Researchers


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