February 27, 2021

Excerpts & Images: Giving Grief Meaning

A celebration of our collective quest to find hope amidst suffering

A free Zoom event featuring author Lily Dulan and photographer Robert Sturman
Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021
Online: 4 PM CST | 2 PM PST


Kranzberg Arts Foundation and the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum present a special, free Zoom event, Excerpts and Images – Giving Grief Meaning: A celebration of our collective quest to find hope amidst suffering, live from High Low on Saturday, February 27 at 4 p.m. Central. The event pairs St. Louis-born author, Marriage and Family Therapist, psychotherapist, and certified yoga teacher Lily Dulan with renowned photographer and dedicated yoga practitioner Robert Sturman to explore what wellness and healing look like in action.

Dulan is the author of a new book, GIVING GRIEF MEANING (Mango Press; December 1, 2020),  a unique, new therapy for healing and self-discovery which can be harnessed in every facet of our lives. Dulan’s personal journey from grief to recovery, along with her training in eastern and western wellness modalities, offer a tangible and healing balm for the wounds of sorrow, illness, addiction, unexpected life changes, and every other obstacle in our path.

Following the death of her daughter, Kara Meyer Dulan, from SIDs at the tender age of two months, Dulan was compelled to give meaning to her daughter’s brief life and honor her name. As she moved through the grief process in a profound and transformative way, she gradually created The Name Work®, a cross-pollination of proven psychological modalities, 12-step wellness tools, and spiritual healing applications. By attaching special meaning to names, and following breathing and meditative exercises, daily affirmations, and more, the method teaches us how to overcome our personal and professional challenges. It also addresses our shared grief at this most difficult and challenging time in history, brought on by Covid-19, racialism, a collapsing economy, and environmental disasters. All of the proceeds from the sale of GIVING GRIEF MEANING will be donated to The Kara Love Project, a nonprofit organization Dulan founded to honor her daughter that promotes giving and positive action for underserved and marginalized individuals and communities around the globe.

Dulan will present excerpts from GIVING GRIEF MEANING paired with healing portraits by Sturman from his collection of yoga photographs taken around the world.

Image © Robert Sturman


Admission Free 

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