June 11th, 2022

Travel Photography with Stewart Halperin

Saturday, June 11th, 2022
11am – Noon CST at IPHF
3415 Olive St, St. Louis, MO


Make Your Images More Powerful Statements While Moving About the Globe

Stewart Halperin will talk about how to approach travelling with our cameras and share photographs he has taken from around the world, including China, Thailand, New Zealand, Cambodia, Italy, Cuba, Vietnam and more.

  • How to push ourselves to make images that tell stories that have emotional content.
  • Turn snapshots into images that give context and meaning to where we are and have been.
  • How we prepare before travel
  • How we equip ourselves for trips
  • How we move around our destinations with our cameras

Stewart Halperin found his photographic roots in the jungles of Tanzania studying chimpanzees along with Jane Goodall. On his return to the USA the second and possibly most profound influence on his approach to shooting was his friendship and mentorship with photographic great Ernst Haas.

Halperin’s work has been exhibited and published in the USA, Europe and Asia. In 2012 one unique exhibition took place in Venice, Italy. Over 50 of his Venetian photographs were made into large, woven tapestries and hung in the gallery adjoining the Ducal Palace. That same year found Halperin’s photography featured in Nikon World Magazine. The past two decades has seen another transition for Halperin as he moves from assignment work to teaching workshops and leading photo expeditions worldwide. From the boroughs of New York to the steaming jungles of Cambodia and the beat of the street in Havana, Stewart Halperin nurtures new generations of photographers.

Image: © Stewart Halperin



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Travel Photography with Stewart Halperin

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