August 16, 2017 - November 4, 2017

Adolf Fassbender’s, Total Eclipse, 1925 to be on Exhibition at IPHF

August 16-November 4, 2017


The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum presents a special showing of rare photographs of the 1925 total solar eclipse, taken by Hall of Fame inductee, Adolf Fassbender.

At 9:25am on January 24, 1925 from a snowy Bronx Park, New York, Fassbender brilliantly captured the total solar eclipse. Giving a total exposure of 42 seconds—two seconds for the eclipse of the sun and forty seconds more foreground while holding back sun with his hand placed in front of the camera, Fassbender captured the only photograph known showing the eclipse and the earth on the same film. It received the highest award at the Museum of Natural History in competition with thousands of other artworks and mediums.

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