August 16, 2017 - November 4, 2017

The Selective Eye: Photography as Abstraction

August 16th – November 4th, 2017

Jason Hailey’s passion to increase visual awareness and heighten sensitivity to aesthetic values flow from his abstract interpretations of commonplace products and discarded debris. The dramatic transformations are pioneering works of abstract color photography, aggrandizing the world of fine art photography.  With inspiration from our changing environment and society, Hailey’s style of photographing his raw realities will stimulate, shock, and spark our imaginations for new ideas, change, and progress.

“Photography, like other art forms, is designing…it is the shaping of vision.  A photographer must work with the eye…the ‘selective eye.’ Every square inch of the picture must work. It requires careful attention and time. Time is not a measure of creative work…we must be patient for the right moment.”

-Jason Hailey

In 1952, Jason Hailey established an advertising photography studio in Los Angeles, California. His unique career in advertising and fine art photography gained him many awards and honors for his distinguished work and professional contributions. Hailey’s work has appeared in Life, Vogue, Time, Look, and Newsweek magazines along with billboards, annual reports, and television commercials.

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