April 19, 2017 -

SHAKE 38: Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

April 19, 2017 at The International Photography Hall of Fame

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, in collaboration with IPHF is CALLING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS CALLING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS for Decisive Moments: Shakespeare through a Visual Lens.

Decisive Moments: Shakespeare through a Visual Lens will explore Shakespeare’s entire canon through a series of images taken by well-known and burgeoning St. Louis photographers. Each photograph will capture an essential, “decisive” moment in one of the Bard’s plays. By viewing each play through a visual lens, one will have a chance to experience each of Shakespeare’s works and connect emotionally with the material.

The event will serve as a kick-off for the larger SHAKE 38 festival, and attendees will be invited to plan their itinerary for the rest of SHAKE 38 through interactions with some of our favorite Shakespearean characters to further explore those plays by which they are most affected.