Alfred Eisenstaedt

Alfred Eisenstaedt

1898 – 1995


Born in West Prussia, Alfred Eisenstaedt was inseparable from his camera from the moment his uncle gave him one. He began his photographic career in 1928 in Berlin at Pacific and Atlantic Photos, soon to become part of the Associated Press. Capturing such key figures as Hitler and Mussolini at their first meeting, through the agency, he was published in the major European magazines of the time. In 1935, he moved to New York, where he became one of LIFE magazine’s four founding photographers, his images appearing on more than 80 covers over the next six decades. An extremely influential photographer, Eisenstaedt has been called the “Father of Photojournalism.”


Children at a Puppet Theatre, Paris, 1963


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Eyes of Hate, Geneva,1933. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels glowers at photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in the garden of the Carlton Hotel during a League of Nations conference. © Alfred Eisenstaedt/Magnum Photos


Right: Sir Winston Churchill, Liverpool, 1951 © Alfred Eisenstaedt/Magnum Photos

Sir Winston Churchill, Liverpool, 1951