August Sander

August Sander


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August Sander worked for over forty years on his portfolio People of the 20th Century, an encyclopedic and systematic documentation of the German society in a comprehensive series of portraits consisting of more than 600 photographs. Sections of this work appear in 1929 in the book Antlitz der Zeit, which contained an introduction by Alfred Doblin. In his portraits August Sander presented the personality as well as the characteristics of his subjects.

In addition to his subject, Sander repeatedly turned his attention to architectural and landscaped photography during his long creative period. Besides regular visits to the Westerwald, the city of Cologne and the surrounding countrysides were the center and the starting point for August Sander’s work.

The works of the photographer consisting of over 4,500 original prints and around 11,000 glass negatives are located in the Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur-August Sander Archive in Cologne.

By the August Sander Archive/Cologne


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