James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey



Beginning in 1981, James Nachtwey has dedicated his career to documenting wars and critical social issues, motivated by the belief that public awareness is an essential element in the process of change, and that photographs of war can intervene on behalf of peace. He has photographed conflicts worldwide, from the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, to the Rwandan genocide, the Somalian famine, the civil wars in Central America, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the September 11th attack on New York City, and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, among many others. Nachtwey has also dedicated his career to photographing social issues, like homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, industrial pollution, and global health issues. Nachtwey has been widely celebrated and honored throughout his career, receiving numerous Lifetime Achievement awards, several Photographer of the Year honors and Robert Capa Gold Medals, the TED Prize, the Dresden Prize and a number of honorary Doctorate degrees. “war photographer”, a 2001 feature length documentary about his life and work, was nominated for an Academy Award.



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