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Magnum Photos represents some of the world’s most renowned artists and photographers, maintaining its founding ideals and idiosyncratic mix of journalist, artist and storyteller. For over 70 years Magnum Photos has provided the highest quality photography to an international client base of media, charities, publishers, brands and cultural institutions.


Jonas Bendiksen Satellites. RUSSIA. Altai Territory. 2000. Villagers collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by thousands of white butterflies. Environmentalists fear for the region's future due to the toxic rocket fuel.


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Newsha Tavakolian, IRAN. 2015. An Iranian woman walks through a haze of smoke caused by the burning of the herb esfand. According to popular belief, this ritual drives away the evil eye. © Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum Photos


For nearly 70 years Magnum Photos has been providing the highest quality photographic content to an international client base of media, charities, publishers, brands and cultural institutions. The Magnum Photos library is a living archive updated regularly with new work from across the globe.

Magnum has documented most of the world’s major events and personalities since the 1930s; covering industry, society and people, places of interest, politics and news events, disasters and conflict. In short, when you picture an iconic image, but can’t think who took it or where it can be found, it probably came from Magnum.

Magnum photographers are a rarity and the agency is self-selecting; membership is a minimum four year process and is considered the finest accolade of a photographer’s career.

Magnum Photos reaches a global audience and has established itself as the authentic, storytelling photographic brand. It remains loyal to its original values of uncompromising excellence, truth, respect and independence.


Eli Reed, USA. Montgomery, Alabama. 1995. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. © Eli Reed/Magnum Photos