Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss



One of the foremost sports photographers of his generation, Walter Iooss’ shots have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated over 300 times. He captured action in a way never seen before, and created a new, freer perspective. It was basic journalism but with a difference: extraordinary backgrounds. Iooss realized that, while a 1,000-millimeter lens isolated the tennis player, golfer, outfielder, or wide receiver he was shooting, the right background created the graphics that often clinched the shot. Iooss matured with his swimsuit work for Sports Illustrated. As in the action shots, the portraits for SI’s legendary swimsuit issues reveal an uncanny graphics sense and Rembrandt-like reverence for light and shadow. Iooss’ portrait studies of basketball legend Michael Jordan are classics that reveal a relationship between artist and athlete, each in top form.



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