June 14, 2021

Lynsey Addario featured in The Big Topic: I Couldn’t Turn a Blind Eye

National Geographic, June 5, 2021

You could turn away. Lynsey Addario did not. She told the story of an ethnic cleansing in process in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. More importantly she showed it to a world that has little idea of the conflict.

Lynsey was in East Africa last month, reporting on drought and climate change in the region–and the disproportionate impact on women. (This project is supported by a National Geographic Society fellowship.)

On the final segment of her trip, the photographer and Nat Geo Explorer managed to travel to war-torn Tigray. Ethiopia’s government has not granted access to many journalists because of the human rights abuses and humanitarian crisis brought on, in large part, by the government. Once there, Lynsey witnessed the toll from months of fighting.


Image: © Lynsey Addario

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