November 9, 2021

Pete Souza reflects on presidential photography career ahead of Hall of Fame Induction

St. Louis Public Radio | By Lara Hamdan
October 18, 2021

President Barack Obama and photojournalist Pete Souza go way back — to a time before Obama even set foot in the Oval Office. Souza documented then-Sen. Obama’s rapid ascent to the presidency while he worked as a Washington-based photographer for the Chicago Tribune.

Souza did such a good job that Obama asked him to become his official White House photographer in 2008. It was his second time in that role, having previously served in the same position for President Ronald Reagan.

Millions of iconic pictures later, Souza will be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in St. Louis on Oct. 29 — an honor Obama congratulated him on personally.


Image: © Pete Souza

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