The world of photography.

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Take a look through hundreds of years of history to see how photography has changed over the years. With a visit to IPHF, you’ll see selections from a renowned collection of historic photographic prints. Then, explore the Hall of Fame Inductees to learn more about the most influential people in the world of photography. To finish off your trip, visit the IPHF gift shop for a curated selection of books, prints and more – open during regular museum hours.
The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum will be moving in St. Louis on April 16, from Grand Center to its collection site in Fenton on May 1st. IPHF is restructuring its business model, post COVID-19, and preparing a plan for future sustainability and growth.
Classes, Workshops, Movies, Exhibitions, and other educational opportunities will continue to be offered, virtually and at various sites near the collections and in the community at large.