Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

Focus and Presence: Developing the Artist’s Eye through Photography

Lecture with Carly Sullens
Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Online: 6 pm CT


The key to capturing a compelling photo transcends subject matter, equipment, and location. It lies within discovering your unique perspective and identifying the ‘thing’ that hides in plain sight; this is the ‘artist’s eye.’ Learning to see like an artist is one of the most fulfilling steps to becoming a better photographer.

Throughout this class, you will sharpen your capacity to discern key artistic elements with your own visual stories. Your personal journey holds a wealth of experiences waiting to be translated into visual narratives. The more you personalize your photos, the richer your images become. This class acts as a conduit, connecting your life experiences with the fundamental principles of art, resulting in captivating and technically proficient photography. You will learn to perceive the world through the lens of a present and impactful artist.


Carly Sullens is a globally recognized artist, photographer, and art therapist. Her expertise bridges the gap between creativity and technology, inspiring individuals to compose captivating visuals and designs.

Her insatiable curiosity and passion for others and creative expression led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, where she explored the profound connection between art and human expression. This unique combination of artistry and psychology laid the foundation for her exceptional approach to photography and digital art.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Carly is an enthusiastic educator, sharing her expertise internationally to inspire others. She effortlessly imparts her knowledge and techniques, allowing others to unleash their visual potential.

Main image: © Carly Sullens, Simple Moments


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