Preserving the past.

Fostering the future.

Since 1965.

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum honors those who have made great contributions to the field of photography and preserves historic photographs and cameras to share with the world.
The museum houses 6,000-square-feet of gallery and exhibition space in the Grand Center area of St. Louis, one of the country’s densest cultural districts. Inside, a permanent tribute to the Hall of Fame Inductees stands alongside rotating exhibits from IPHF and partner collections.

To educate the public about photographic history; collect, exhibit and preserve historical items and images; and honor significant contributors to the evolution of the art and science of photographic imaging.

Patty Wente

CEO and President

Stephen Bruns

Graphic Design and Exhibitions

Eva Klingenberg

User Experience and Educational Events Manager

Amy Burger

Media Relations

Margie Manne

Special Events Associate

Gabby Küster

Educational Assistant

Donald McKenna

Lead Curator

Greg Barth

Michael Daft

Richard Sprengeler

Carl Valle

Kathy Koerper

Ken Knochel

Derek Powers

A celebrated board of leaders passionate about preserving and honoring the art of photography.

Michael Weisbrod

St. Louis, MO/Chairman of the Board

Scott Kurkian

Atlanta, GA/ Treasurer

G. Robert Bishop

St. Louis, MO/Secretary

Mark Botterman

St. Louis, MO/Emeritus Representative

Mark Braun

St. Louis, MO

Jacob Buchowski

St. Louis, MO

David Capes

St. Louis, MO

Bill Carrier

St. Louis, MO/Emeritus Board Member

James Cooper

St. Louis, MO

Robert Denlow

St. Louis, MO

Drew Karandjeff

St. Louis, MO

Ken Kranzberg

St. Louis, MO

Bob McCoole

St. Louis, MO

Jill McGuire

St. Louis, MO

Dick Miles

St. Louis, MO/Emeritus Chairman of the Board

Pat Sly

St. Louis, MO/Emeritus Representative

Steve Smith

St. Louis, MO

Travis Threats

St. Louis, MO

Blanche Touhill

St. Louis, MO

Rob Wagner

Oklahoma City, OK/Emeritus Board Member

Anna Harris

St. Louis, MO/Emeritus Representative

When the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) association created the Photographic Art and Science Foundation, their largest goal was promoting the history of art and industry. In 1965, that mission led the Foundation to establish a permanent dedication to recognize historic photographers and inventors. In 1977, the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum was created.

  • 1965
  • The Photographic Arts and Sciences Foundation (PASF) is born. The next decade focused on adding to a growing collection of historic prints, cameras and equipment.
  • 1977
  • The International Photography Hall of Fame (IPHF) doors first open in Santa Barbara, California – as part University Museums at the Brooks Institute of Photography.
  • 1983
  • The IPHF relocates to the Kirkpatrick Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • 2013
  • After the IPHF’s largest capital campaign to date, a new museum opens in the Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Today
  • The IPHF mission continues sharing the art of photography, with thousands of photographs from more than 500 artists in a permanent collection.
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As part of the international efforts behind IPHF, the Sister City Collaborative is bridges culture between sister cities, St. Louis, Missouri, and Nanjing, China. Tim Hermann, CEO, board chairman and owner of Collins&Hermann, has been the greatest influence on establishing this cultural exchange. He lives most of the year in Shenzhen, China, and pushed for the creation of an outreach program. With collaboration from St. Louis World Trade Center and the Nanjing office of Sister Cities, IPHF is now able to host groups to explore St. Louis and learn more about the city through the lens of photography.


Special thanks to sponsors of the Sister City Collaborative,

Anna Harris, Joseph Trad, Tim Hermann, Jay Nathanson, the Kranzberg Gallery and these generous organizations