David Capes

I have a great passion for photography. I love the idea of recording a slice of life and trying to make it timeless.  As an avid collector and dealer of fine art photography since the mid-nineties, I experienced and learned firsthand how the great and iconic works in photography always seem to reflect a story unfolding in the image. They focus on conveying information “about” the subject as opposed to simply recording a pleasing image “of” the subject. For the past 20 years, I have tried to put that concept into my own photography. Put another way, I have always tried to find and capture a glimpse of the “soul” of the subject,

I have been incredibly lucky and fortunate to experience the pleasure that photography brings, especially taking time to purposely connect with people, places, and things. I believe “stopping to truly see the world” and to “smell the roses” is necessary to make a good picture. I am always looking to see the humanity, beauty, fragility, delight and possibility in life as well as finding the past in the present. My artistic interests derive mainly from the works of painters such as Edward Hopper and John Sloan, from the master street photographers Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, and Walker Evans, and from the color photography of Eggleston, Christenberry, Steven Shore, and Michael Eastman.  

I became a senior lawyer in 2013, after practicing and teaching tax controversy law for more than forty years. I have traveled to over forty countries photographing people, landscapes, exteriors, interiors, still life, and other subjects. I was recently in Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as Paris, taking new images.